Design Darling (the boutique)

Design Darling was sent to me by Meggie, see curling wand video a few pages back, and I immediately fell in love with the shopping site AND her blog.  Mackenzie (I’m acting like I know her now) took her blogging to a whole new level by opening her own online boutique with her favorite pieces.  Although her whole site is tightly edited, I am featuring my top 9 items from her website.  Enjoy!

1. Clutch $68 HERE

2. Monogrammed Leather Key Fob $18 HERE

3. Necklace $175 HERE

4. Bracelet $65 HERE

5. Bookends $75 HERE

6. Candelabra $62 HERE

7. Monogrammed Pencil Cup $14 HERE

8. Monogrammed Tray $42 HERE

9. Pillow Cover $52 HERE



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