Bikram Yoga = Shopping Opportunity

Any excuse I can get to purchase something new for my wardrobe, I take it.  Bikram Yoga is my next opportunity.  This class is full of girls who look like they came of the womb namaste-ing and are dressed head to toe in Lulu.  I, of course, immediately was distracted by all of the cute shorts and sports bras and began a mental list of every thing I need from Lulu in order to fake it until I make it.  Below are a few things I have my eye on and thought I would share the love 🙂

Racerback Tank $42 HERE

Sports Bra $42  HERE

Long Sleeve T $68 HERE

Jacket $108 HERE

Shorts $48 HERE

Yoga Mat $28 HERE

Headband $12 HERE

Nail Polish HERE

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