Making Statements in CHARLESTON!

Happy Wednesday!  Hope you all are having an amazing day 🙂  I want to introduce you to one of my best friends, Brooke Hurt.  She has incredible fashion sense and living in Charleston, always comes home with bright and fun outfits.  Please take a peek into her closet.  Enjoy!

It is officially spring time in Charleston!  As such, I decided to share some of my favorite items for spring!  

(1.)  Bambino-not for sale.  (Wo)man’s best friend.  This little nugget is obviously my favorite accessory.  Obviously, safety first when on the water.

(2.) Pumped up kicks.  I love the cork on these shoes!  They are so summery without being too casual.  The color keeps them versatile.   

(3.) Louis Vuitton.  I love the size of this bag.  I cannot think of a more appropriate name for this Self-labeled “Neverfull” bag.  After packing this bag full with my daily necessities, whether it be for a girls night out or a day at the beach, this bag never seems to be full.  The best part about this bag is its reversible.  So after a day at the beach, I can turn this bag inside out, throw wet/sandy bathing suit inside and then wipe it clean when I get home.  

(4.) White Tuxedo Jacket-last Spring.  This is the easiest way to dress up any outfit. Its versatile and lightweight, so I find myself wearing it year round.

5.) Bathing suit.  This is by far my favorite designer.  I love everything she does and this bikini is top on my list of favorite things right now.



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