Making Statements in NEW YORK!

I am SO excited about this week’s feature.  One of my very close friends, Sarah Palmer, is giving us a glimpse into her closet!  Sarah and I have been friends since my first day on the job at Horizon/Heritage Publications in Chicago.  We spent almost every day together throughout my 2 years and because of the tight quarters (you know what I’m saying, Alison & Chrissy?  Mary???) we got to know each other VERY well and were destined to be life long friends.  I am so excited to see her at our wedding in May and I know she will be dancing the night away in an amazing outfit (no pressure)! 

Clearly, I could go on forever about Sarah but instead of boring with you with stories of our time in Newton, North Carolina or our daily salad trips to Treasure Island I will let you get to the good stuff.  Enjoy!

(Sarah just being fancy)

Christopher Kon wallet:
Considering the exorbitant rent and cocktail prices in New York, I have become a very frugal shopper. I almost never pay full price when I shop, and this Christopher Kon wallet that I  recently purchased for 40% off on Gilt is no exception. I love the color for spring and the textured leather. I also love the simple imprint of the designer name as opposed to the big metal designer name plate on so many wallets out right now.

Family Earrings:
Stealing from family is another way to save money in New York. Over the past couple of years my mother and grandmother have kindly let me pilfer their jewelry collections for statement earrings they no longer wear. What’s better for keeping up with the current 80’s trend than some big, rocky costume jewelry from the actual 80’s? 

Loud heels:
I found these Dries Van Noten heels at the Barneys Warehouse Sale when I first moved to the city, and I think they do fantastic things with the black dresses and black tights that I wear all winter. I will also try to wear them with some contrasting patterns this spring. 

New Stores:
Last weekend I took a friend in town from Chicago to one of my new favorite stores: Joe Fresh. Joe Fresh is like a Canadian Zara. The prices and awesome basics for work make me happy. Notice the $19 price tag on the striped top; I think I’ll wear it with wide leg pants to work and bright shorts at the beach this summer. On of my guys friends told me the necklace looks like I spray painted a bike chain and hung it around my neck, but if you’re not confusing guys with your clothing then are you really doing it right? Gold Joe Fresh necklace: $14.

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