Rent the Runway!

As many of you know (or maybe don’t?), Rent the Runway is an awesome website where you can actually rent dresses and accessories instead of paying hundreds of dollars on an outfit you’ll wear maybe twice.  You can rent these dresses for less than a quarter what you would pay to own it.  RTR sends you a back up size in case the one you order doesn’t fit, and as soon as you’re finished wearing it you stick it in the mail and let RTR worry about the dry cleaning. In my opinion, it is genius!  

Although I’ve been a member since 2009, I’ve never actually rented anything.  I am now starting to look seriously because of all the wedding events I have coming up this year.  Here are some of my favorites…..

Tibi Tribal Gown:  Retail: $495, RTR: $100

Versus by Versace:  Retail:  $700, RTR: $125 (if any of my friends are reading this, don’t rent this because I might be wearing this to my rehearsal din :)!!!)

Parker:  Retail: $288, RTR: $60

Herve Leger:  Retail: $975, RTR: $125

Erickson Beamon:  Retail: $271, RTR: $55

Kate Spade:  Retail $428, RTR: $50

Kenneth Lane:  Retail, $150, RTR: $25

Kate Spade:  Retail: $398, RTR:  $60



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