Weekly Wears!–UPDATE!

***It was brought to my attention that I forgot to post where I got each item!  Please see below :)****

Here are some highlights from this week!  Enjoy!

Top:  It is actually a dress!  I bought this dress from H&M for $39.95 and it was an awesome deal.  When I tried it on, it was WAY too short but I bought it anyway because I loved the print so much.  I then put on my white jeans, tucked it in, pulled it out just enough all the way around and it had this amazing bubble effect!  No one knew it was a dress and it worked out perfectly 🙂

This dress is a couple years old from Target.  It was too long when I bought it so I had it shortened a little and it ended up being the perfect wedding shower dress for me this past weekend.  The belt is also from a couple years old and from Target.

Top:  JCrew

Jacket: Nordstrom

Belt:  Target



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