WOAH!  Can’t believe it is already TUESDAY!  I am so sorry for those that check back daily for not posting the last couple of days.  My nights are starting to consist of what font to use for table numbers and who sits with who (or doesn’t sit with who) at our reception.  THANK YOU for your patience and hang in there while I endure the final 4 week stretch of planning this crazy wedding!!!

Now on to the fun stuff…..

This website is one that I found a couple weeks ago that has some great accessories and jewelry.  Everything they make is the definition of STATEMENT!  You can’t go wrong with any of their jewelry but here are a few highlights…..

1.  Bauble Necklace:  $198 

2.  Masi Necklace:  $178

3.  Pink Bracelet:  $200

4.  Giant Pearl Bracelet:  $98

5.  Green Flower Earrings:  $98

6.  Turquoise Earrings:  $35

7.  Starfish Earrings:  $68



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