Making Statements in…..CHICAGO!

Hi, Everyone!

Happy Wednesday!  I am SO thrilled to introduce you to one of my very best friends, Lindsey Lewis.  Lindsey and I met one night in high school and quickly found out that our moms were very good friends from their college days at Miami University.  We were destined to be lifelong friends!  When I decided to go to Miami Lindsey quickly took me under her wing, introduced me to ALL of the people she knew at Miami, and we became “sisters” in DG!

She has great style, AWESOME hair (did I even need to say it?!), and an incredible and charismatic personality.  Please welcome Lindsey to Making Statements and check out some of her fav items below.  Enjoy!  

1.  Vintage DVF dress, perfect for a day at work and then meeting your gals for a fancy bite

2.  DVF everyday dress, worn on casual Fridays, baby showers or just bopping around Michigan ave on a Saturday afternoon. Dress up/down with shoes, bag and coat

3.  Chanel bag, 2011
I wear this basically anywhere but work, perfect size not too big not too small, has become a very important accessory, fancy enough for weddings and other black tie occasions

4.  My chinchilla scarf, bought by my moms sue lew in Alaska this thing has helped me come to love Chicago winters! If you have a fancy fur, why wouldnt you want to bring it out?!

5.  My Tory burch wedge booties love these for a few reasons:
1) close toe so i can wear in all seasons
2) the wedge, so much support for when you walk 2 miles to work and are on your feet all day
3) royal tan: LOVE this shade of tan, Tory always uses it and I just love it, so rich and goes with, well, everything!

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