Making Statements in…CINCINNATI!

Happy Wednesday!  Today, I am featuring my very own landlord, friend, and sister….Miss Mimi Kelly!  Mimi is one of my very bestest friends and we have been buddies throughout our entire lives.  I pretty much did whatever Mimi did growing up.  Saint Ursula, Miami, Marketing major, moved to Chicago, moved back to Cincinnati, and once she bought her house I moved in with her.  Basically, she just can’t shake me!

Mimi’s style is classic and preppy and she has recently introduced color into her wardrobe (yay!).  She is always put together (even when mowing her lawn :)) and is one of those people that would rather have a few nice things than a closet full for Forever XXI (guilty).  Take a look into her closet……

1.  Jack Rogers-  My vote is that once it hits 60 degrees it is time for the Jacks to come out!  These are definitely a staple in my spring/summer wardrobe.  I try to limit myself to purchasing one new pair a summer.  The good news is once you break them in they are SO comfortable, and they basically go with every outfit in your closet.

2.  Black Dress- This dress is so great because you can accessorize it for a bunch of different looks.  I usually pair it with a fun printed blouse underneath, a belt, a scarf, or one of my below mentioned necklaces. 

3.  Louis Vuitton Speedy 30-  I basically carry this bag EVERY day.  It is super durable, and its medium size allows me to fit plenty inside without feeling weighed down.

4.  Christian Louboutin Rolandos- If you’re looking for comfortable heels then don’t even glance at this picture!  In fact, a couple weeks ago Mr. Louboutin was quoted in Grazia magazine as saying “High heels are pleasure with pain…If you can’t walk in them, don’t wear them.’ I personally think walking is overrated anyway.  

5.  Big Necklaces- Love these two.  One is J Crew and the other is Banana Republic.  The best part is you can throw one on with any outfit and it automatically dresses you up!

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