Shower Invitations!

Soooo…I was cleaning up my bedroom a little this week and was going through all of my amazing shower invitations.  WOW.  I am seriously so lucky to have so many people that helped celebrate our engagement over the last 7 months and while I am SO excited for the day to get here I will be sad the parties are over!  Please see my beautiful invitations below and if any of the hosts are reading this, THANK YOU again for everything!  You have made the last 7 months beyond fun and we look forward to celebrating with you again at the end of May!

Also, big shout out to Mrs. Kim Jackson who did a couple of the invitations below and who also did our wedding & rehearsal dinner invitations.  She.Is.Incredible at what she does and has an equally amazing personality.  Looking forward to spending time with her again throughout my sister’s process 🙂  Thanks, Kim!

How cute is this bridesmaid lunch invite?  SO looking forward to this day!



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