4 Ways to Knot a Belt!

Knotting your belt a certain way can take your outfit from generic to really innovative!  Here are just a few different ways to give your outfit the “WOW” factor!

  1. Single Knot : Tie the knot close to the buckle or further away, the quickest. Down, behind and up then down through the loop.
  2. Loop Knot : Basically the same as the single knot but using the belt loop in the knot. Down, behind and up then down through the belt loop and behind the loop.
  3. Two Knots : This great for really long belts, use the Loop Knot or Single knot first, then the single knot as the second (we used the Loop Knot then Single). Down, behind and up then through the loop, bring below and past the buckle, then up behind the belt, down through the loop.
  4. Just Knot : Why add a hole to a belt, just knot the belt and use the buckle to hold the knot tight. Cross the belt perforated side over, down, behind up then down through the loop and through the bottom half of the buckle, pull tight and adjust



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