Making Statements in CINCINNATI!

Happy Wednesday!  I am sticking with the theme of the last 3 weeks and introducing another one of my bridesmaids, Miss Emma Scharfenberger (soon to be Mrs Emma Off!).  Emma and I have been friends since early high school.  We reconnected a couple of years ago and completely picked up where we left off!  Emma is one of the most dynamic and genuine friends that I have and I am so lucky to return the favor of being an “ultimate bridesmaid” for her wedding in September!  

Emma has flawless style and I am constantly running the question of “where is that from” in hopes that she got it recently.  Her ability to always look put together is a total talent and she just makes it look so easy!  So, here we go.  Please take a look inside Emma’s closet!

Oh, by the way, we are related 🙂

Statement Pieces:

In order to make statements, every girl needs a few reliable statement pieces.  Here are two of my faves!  The Alexis Bittar necklace is sophisticated enough for work, yet edgy enough for a night on the town.  Similar versions can be found here:

The MCL by Matthew Campbell Laurenza cocktail ring keeps formal attire fun.  And who doesn’t love a finger full of colorful sapphires?  Similar versions can be found here:  Both pieces take any outfit from 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds. 

M Missoni Top:

One of my new favorite purchases!  This top speaks for itself and will be in my collection forever.  The iconic zigzag pattern and flowing knit will never go out of style.  To see the full M Missoni collection, go here:  (For the Cincinnati readers, the Wardrobe in Madeira has a nice selection of M Missoni attire).

Vintage Handbag:

This green speedy-shaped bag is one of my best vintage finds to date.  I found it in one of my favorite antique stores in Longboat Key, Florida, St. Armand’s antiques (  The store has a collection of vintage handbags, and this baby was calling my name.  The grass green color and textured leather scream statement, and there is probably not another one out there. 

Hermes Scarf:

A last minute add to my top accessories.  This beautiful hand-painted scarf (a gift from my future mother-in-law) can be worn a number of ways – apparently 37 according to this site:  Scarves are an easily looked over and quickly forgotten accesory, but they can give you some serious street cred.  AND you will have them forever.  Start your collection now at

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Emma!



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