Things I’m Obsessed with…..

As most of you know, I am getting very close to the big day so my posting has been more sporadic.  So sorry!  Once all of the craziness is over, I will be right back on schedule with my Weekly Wears, Sunday Statements, etc etc.  In the meantime, I thought I would feature a few things I am obsessing over right now….

1)  Peonies.  With the beautiful weather right now I have been seeing them everywhere!  Once I move into our new house, you better believe I am going to doctor the front yard with these babies and I look forward to them being a part of next Sunday 🙂

2)  Our Wedding Coordinator, Kirstyn Marston.  She is AH-MAZING and I am beyond excited for all of my friends to get in town and meet her.  Although I think she has seen me at my absolute worst (you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about, Kirstyn), she has been so unbelievable and I hope we get to hang out after all of the craziness is over 🙂

**If you want her contact information, let me know!

3)  The Accessories Tower from Pottery Barn.  I put this on our registry from PB NOT expecting someone to actually purchase it but more because I knew I wanted it and anything left on your registry is like 20% off.  However, PB called me yesterday to schedule the delivery and I am DYING to see A) WHO IN THE WORLD bought this for me and B) How amazing all of my jewels are going to look in it.  AH!

4) JCrew Top, ShortsBelt, and iPhone case,   I just bought this outfit to sport on my honeymoon and am SO excited about it.  I am starting the process of packing tomorrow so tomorrow’s post will feature all of the outfits I plan on bringing!

5)  Tory Burch Flats I just bought at Nordstrom Rack for (get ready) $69!  The weirdest thing happened to me.  I was casually looking through their shoe department when a guy that works there approached me with a plain brown box and said “I got something for you”.  I was SO confused (and kinda scared) and he pulled out a black pair of TB’s and said he noticed my shoes and they just got them in!  They fit perfectly (I felt like Cinderella) and I asked what other sizes they had and my sister walked out with 2 unreal pairs too!  He now has my card and will be giving me the scoop of TB shipments.  I’ll keep you Cincinnatians posted.   




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