Wedding Things I am Obsessed with….

Since my brain is with work and wedding this week, I thought I would share some of our favorite wedding details as the day gets closer!  

1st Wedding Thing I am Obsessed with:  Our wedding logo.  We have used this logo on everything from our hostess gifts to the stickers on our cookie/candy bags.  It has kept our look consistent and has been an easy theme to see throughout!

2nd Wedding Thing I am Obsessed with:  Welcome Boxes.  We finished our Welcome Boxes for our guests staying in hotel rooms and I absolutely LOVE them.  We included a customized piece on the outside and then wrapped a beautiful light grey ribbon around the white box.  These things are STURDY and will definitely stand the test of being thrown around by the hotel staff members.  Here is a list of what is inside:

1.  Cincinnati bar towel

2.  Can of Skyline Chili & their oyster crackers (my favorite food)

3.  Bottled water with our own wrapping

4.  Busken cookies (Jordan’s favorite)

5.  Miami University pens and pencils (We both went to school there)

6.  List of events going on in Cincinnati

3.  Cookie and Candy Bar.  I won’t divulge the secrets to how this is set up and why we chose which candy/cookies but here is just a sneak peak of what is to come. 🙂

4th Wedding Thing I am Obsessed with:  Veuve.  Thanks to Mr and Mrs Ortner (Deli), we had this mini bottle of Veuve to help celebrate our last Sunday night dinner as an engaged couple.  We popped this little bottle and took a mile stroll over to my parents house where we were greeted with more Veuve to continue the celebration!


5th Wedding Thing I am Obsessed with:  My Groom, Mr Jordan Weidner.  I feel so lucky and excited to finally be married to my best friend of 7+ years!  He is always my #1 fan and supporter and I truly appreciate his patience over the last 6 months.  I’m looking forward to many fun-filled years ahead as Mrs Hillary Weidner!  

Thank you all for being so patient this week with my sporatic posting!  I will continue to post more fun things and updates as the week continues!



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