One of my Favorite People….

SOOOO I had something so unbelievably nice happen to me and I had to share.  This is BY FAR the most creative wedding gift that we have received and one that will last me a lifetime 🙂

Mike Hadgis is a family friend that I met through my sister, Mimi.  I know this sounds totally dorky, but he is one of the coolest people that I know.  Mimi and Mike have been friends since college and over the years he has become part of our family.  When I heard he couldn’t make it this weekend, Jordan and I were so upset but completely understood that he was in another wedding.  

Anywho, I received the longest and nicest note anyone has ever written me and at the bottom this is what it said…..

“You are a very smart and beautiful girl with a fashion around fashion and I figured the world would be lucky if you shared your passion with everyone 🙂


Tip:  You can tie this email address to your personal gmail so that you have one login and one inbox.

2.  GoDaddy –

Tip: Tumblr allows you to use your domain name to redirect to your tumblr blog

3.  Twitter – make_statements

Tip:  Keep your twitter feed public, tweet our your posts, and use fashion #tags to build followers and traffic

4.  Instagram – Make_Statements

Tip:  Similar to Twitter, keep your feed open and use #tags when you post fashion shots

5.  Pinterest – Submitted Make Statements and you are on the waiting list for login.”

So, basically, Hadgis is taking Make Statements to the next level by reserving all of the names in these social networks and purchasing the URL so now I actually have my own website!  Very VERY exciting and such a thoughtful gift 🙂  Love you, Hadgis!



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