Cozy Corners

So as I am moving in and redecorating our new house, I am really appreciating the small spaces that make a statement in any room.  Check out some of my favorite corners of our new home….

1.  Our Family Room

2.  My Closet 🙂

3.  My “Getting Ready” Room (part I)

Below is a second corner picture of my “getting ready room” (AKA, our second bedroom that we turned into a room with all of my jewelry, clothes, makeup, hair products, etc).  My fav perfume that I have been wearing since high school, my make-up mirror, my fav navy/white lamps that Jordan’s mom gave me, and my monogrammed silver cup from my Bridesmaid Lunch given by my Aunt Nanc.  And, of course, peonies.  

Perfume HERE

Makeup Mirror HERE

Lamps:  While these exact ones aren’t available, here are some great alternatives!

**Take any white lamp and put THIS SHADE on it!

**Or if you are feeling rich, THIS LAMP.

Monogrammed silver plated cup HERE

Peonies 🙂

What are the fav spots in your home?  Take a picture and email them to and I will share with everyone!



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