Before & After – Girl’s Room

As many of you know, the transition into our new place has been very exciting and just a litttttle stressful.  I.Have.A.Ton.Of.Clothing and this is the first time I have ever admitted it. (Jordan probably still think “a ton” is an understatement).  We have a couple different closets but it still wasn’t doing the trick and we didn’t want to buy a piece of furniture JUST for this space because we don’t know how long we will really stay.  With all that being said, Jordan so kindly offered to turn the second bedroom into a “Getting Ready Room”.  This Girl’s Room is the home to all my clothing (not all, I still have a dresser in our bedroom), all of my jewelry, belts, accessories, and hair & makeup products.  

After much TLC, a nice delivery from my Aunt Nancy (see chairs below), and some tips from Neat Method, we have completely transformed the space into a dream! 



***Since Jordan & I don’t know how long we will be in this place, we didn’t want to buy furniture to just fit this room so we made a trip to the Container Store and crafted our own rolling rack of sorts and picked up these awesome shoe boxes I saw on Neat Method!

***I wonder if Things That Sparkle would approve??

Filled the Accessories Tower…..

I am still perfecting the other wall of the room that has my make-up and hair stuff.  Once we get the final piece in tonight, I will post more pictures so check back this evening!



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