Making Statements in CINCINNATI!

Happy Wednesday!  Today I am featuring one of my VERY best friends and sister, Carolyn Kelly.  Carolyn is incredibly funny and is one of the most confident people that I know.  She does what she wants, when she wants to do it and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks.  I so admire that about her.  Oh yeah-and she is apparently a really great public speaker (people at the wedding know what I’m talking about).  Carolyn also has her own style and can totally pull off the Boho Chic look flawlessly.  She has such neat pieces in her closet and pairs them amazingly together.  Please take a look inside her wardrobe…..

1.  JCrew Polk A Dot Dress – I have only owned this dress for a short time, but I have already found many different occasions to wear this dress. Since I am a teacher, I always shop for dresses in which I can throw a sweater over and wear to school. This dress has been to an 8th grade graduation, running errands, Hillary’s wedding brunch, and a friends engagement party! It was definitely worth it’s price of $99.99 and is still on sale now!

***Find it HERE

2.  LV Cross Body Purse – This purse is an essential item in my wardrobe. I wear it all of the time! It was a gift to myself when I got my first real job after graduation. I love it! It fits everything I need and I can wear it on my shoulder or across my body. I purchased this purse at a vintage purse shop in Oakley, so it was a steal as well!

3.  Light Blue Wayfarer Sunglasses – These sunglasses were purchased for me by my mom and dad (with a little guidance from Hillary) at the Sunglass Hut Outlet.  I received them as a gift for my 21st birthday and haven’t taken them off since! I like the way they can transform any outfit from boring and dull to fun and colorful! Here is a link to a similar pair.

**Find them HERE

4.  Grey Toms – If you can’t tell by the condition of these shoes, my Toms have seen it all! I have a few different colors and styles of Toms but the grey ones are my favorite. The more tattered they become, the more I like they way they look. Not only are they so comfortable, they go with almost every outfit in my wardrobe. They make it easy to keep up with my 8th graders so I wear them to work at least once a week! On the weekends I like to wear them with colored jeans or a casual dress. Below is a link for the same pair!

**Find them HERE

5.  Accessory Wall – Since I have moved into my new apartment I have enjoyed making statements in the decorating. You can see my cheetah rug in the background of a few of the pictures, but my accessory wall is by far my favorite decoration statement. Having all of my accessories hung, not only adds color to my room, but it also makes it easy when I am getting ready. These hooks keep my necklaces and bracelets from becoming tangled and it is helpful to see all of my accessory options when choosing an outfit. Unfortunately, I cannot take credit for this brilliant accessory wall. My dad used tie hooks from Walmart and we spaced them according to the lengths of my necklaces and bracelets.

6.  Charm Necklaces – Last but not least, I would like to feature my favorite necklaces. I wear these two necklaces everyday and they are very special to me. I purchased the small horizontal cross when I was visiting my cousin, Ashley, in Chicago. It reminds me of all of the great times we have had together. The longer chain has a small blue pendant, a silver charm, and a diamond cross. I bought the blue pendant with my sister, Hillary, during a spontaneous day trip to some of her favorite shops about an hour away. You will have to ask her where they were because I do not remember! I do remember that it was such a fun day and we had a blast on our mini road trip! The cross was given to me on my first communion by my mom and dad. It is from Richter and Phillips and my sisters Mimi and Hillary both have the same one. Lastly, the silver charm was given to mr by two very special people. Heather and Ciarra Mayne gifted me this charm on the last day of my three month trip to South Africa. Although I do not get to talk to them very often, the charm reminds me of the great times I had with them and makes me so appreciative for their friendship and hospitality while I was away from my family.

I hope you liked getting to know Carolyn!



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