YOUR Cozy Corners!

Check out these amazing places and spaces submitted by YOU!

Here is the picture of my favorite cozy corner. It’s in Finn’s nursery. This is where we cuddle and read books every night before bed, surrounded by pictures from the first few minutes after our little angel was born. – Kate

Since I will be spending the end of my summer in Cincy my “cozy corner” is our outside patio! I love the blue and white combo against the green grass 🙂 Summer time is the best time of year! – Ashley

My favorite space…

I’m in love with my Houndstooth chair from Arhaus!  We bought the chair last December and I’ve been in love with it since.  It’s a blue/gray and cream pattern and goes perfectly with pretty much any color.  – Erin
**I also love having lavender in the house.  It reminds me of our trip to Provence.  The lavender came straight from my garden that my mother-in-law planted last spring. Thanks Gail! – Erin
On the chair is a purple hand knit blanket that I made. I also love the wicker basket because it’s large enough to hold blankets and pillows and goes great with the space. Inside is a cream blanket that my grandma knitted for me a few years ago. – Erin

Favorite place on earth!!  Longboat Key’s cozy corner!!

My favorite outside corner – Mimi

My cozy corner at work! – Teddy

Coziest corner at my house! – Carolyn

SO I know this isn’t necessarily a corner of the house, but I love it nonetheless. We call this room the den and the main reason I love it is because its so cozy all year round. I love the open bookcases in the back as they not only look great but the books actually have been read by someone in the family (even if it was years ago!) It also doesn’t hurt that this is our spoiled pup’s, hunter, favorite hang out (he blends in pretty well), so there’s always someone to relax on the chair or couch with 🙂 – Paige

We bought this 1964 house to remodel. After a stay in a Mexican Resort, we copied the stone, fixtures, and soothing paint color to recapture the spa-like feel. It’s one of my favorite ways to begin and end each day! – Christy

I like to find unique stone containers for my “go to” jewelry. They sit between the twin sinks. – Christy

My dining area is my favorite corner spot in my apartment. The window allows the natural sunlight to shine through and the green woods liven up the space. – Colleen

Our coziest corner – Millie & Toby



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