Weekly Wishlist

Each Thursday I am gong to post a few different items that I am eyeing online but not making the step to purchase.  Maybe one of you can and let a lady borrow? 🙂

1.  This incredible DVF dress.  $416.  I am trying to tell myself that it is a timeless piece and one that I will always have AND it’s on sale.  Worth it?

2.  Asos Clutch  $33.  Cute, cute, cute.

3. TopShop  $33.  My friend Katie featured this a week ago as one of the items in her closet that she loves and I agree-it would be a great staple.

4.  Isis Necklace:  $200.  Ultimate Statement necklace.  Enough said.

5.  JCrew Earrings – $75.  LOVE these earrings but I am trying to curb my JCrew spending.

6.  Personalized Leather Clutch – $98.  I found this adorable bag from the ladies at Tartan & Sequins and thanks to them, have a new thing on my wish list. You can have your initials embossed onto this clutch and with the new monogram of HKW, I really want to put it to great use!



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