Weekly Wears!

WHAT a happy week so far!  I bought a new camera so the my picture quality is SO much better and JUST IN TIME for PEGS wedding weekend!  Check out some highlights from this week!

Dress:  JCREW

Earrings:  JCREW

Shoes:  JACK ROGERS ar Khakis

Sleeping with my eyes barely open…..

Top:  ANTHRO (old)

Necklace:  ANTHRO (old)

Bag:  JCREW (not available)

Top:  H&M (old)

Bracelets:  ANTHRO , ANTHRO

Pool outfit….

Top:  JCREW (old) …Similar HERE

Tote Bag:  ETSY & use “make statements” for 10% off 

Love is in the air….

and apparently also for these 2…

Making Statements, Andie!


Necklace:  DILLARDS

My Cat’s Pajamas….


Necklace:  Sold out but similar HERE



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