Weekly Wishlist!

Happy Thursday!  If you are here from Things that Sparkle, check out my feature on Alex below this post 🙂   Happy you are here and please come back often!!!  

Here is this week’s wish list…..

1.  Adding bubbles and hearts to my photos.  Now, this one might be a stretch for a weekly wish list but I promised people I would post about it today so thought I would incorporate into my post.  I have noticed other bloggers using these graphics on their photos and have had total bubbly envy.  I downloaded multiple apps but none of them worked.  FINALLY I found the right one and here are some of the pics I’ve gone crazy with.

The app is Picfx and the bubbles and hearts are under “Lights”.  Enjoy!

2.  These Shark Earrings

3.  Goldendoodle.

I know if my parents and husband are reading this they are screaming at their computers. While I only feel like I need to convince Jordan of adding one to our family, there is no denying that the pup will spend time at the Richwood Puppy Spa from time to time.  Consider this a warning Mom & Dad…..I’m getting close.

4.  This Collar for my Imaginary Dog.

5.  This Clutch

6.  Armani Foundation.

I’ve heard rave reviews about this product and am dying to try it.  Only problem is is that none of our rinky dink department stores in Cincinnati carry it.  No.  I tried Nordstrom AND Saks and neither one carries A) Tory Burch bags and B) Armani foundation.  Order online?  Sure, but there is nothing more intimidating than blindly choosing 3 shades that you THINK are close to your actual skin color and then trying them at home (esp at $59 a pop).  

7.  Gorg Statement Necklace

8.  Gap Military Jacket  (Getting excited for chillier weather)



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