Making Statements in WADSWORTH!

Where is Wadsworth, you ask?  Wadsworth is a city in Medina County, Ohio.  Closest cities that might sound familiar to you are Cleveland and Akron.  The city has a total area of 9.5 miles and was named after Elijah Wadsworth, a Revolutionary War hero.   According to Wikipedia, Wadsworth is kown for its successes in athletics and also in arts and science.

Wadsworth, Ohio is also the birthplace of one of my favs – Dad.  My Dad and I took a little road trip this weekend to visit my grandma and was lucky enough to spend time with other family members as well!  It was a short trip but my grandma and I stayed up late Sat night just chatting and while telling her about how my girlfriends gave me my accessories tower for all of my jewels, she got up and had me follow her down the hall.  She revealed an accessories tower that, hands down, put mine to shame.   Therefore, my feature this week is none other than my Grandma Kelly.

I guess I know where I get my love for statement jewelry!



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