In Need of a Weekender

Could I possibly have worse luck right now?  I have been waiting 7+ years to take Jordan to my most favorite place in the world  – Longboat Key – and we are legit flying into the eye of the storm.  Of.Course.

Good news is that I am  staying completely optimistic (besides the 30 seconds it is taking me to write this post).  I have the holiest man I know (Dad) saying his Sunday prayers for us and am thinking that although we might have scattered showers, Issac will NOT rain on my clam-chowder-at-the-pub-followed-by-joes-eats-and-sweets parade.

In preperation for the incredible, rainless trip ahead, I have been keeping my eyes peeled for a new weekender bag.  Anyone have any recommendations?  I thought I was close to pulling the trigger on the JMClaughlin bag below but it doesn’t come in the blue color that I like best.  Deal Breaker.

The bag….

The color I want (this is the smaller version)

Other weekender options….

C.Wonder:  $148

Longchamp:  $255

Deux Lux:  $137

Tory Burch:  $850

Deux Lux:  $135

Free People:  $299

Please say your prayers that the weather gets better for us.  This is how it is shaping up so far!  (We leave Wednesday night).




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