……and I feel bad about it.  Until I realized that I possibly saved hundreds of dollars on just a few things.  I’m doing something a little different today and instead of introducing you to a fashionista I’m going to share the below findings.  Too good to put off another day!

My Old Navy sweaters…..

JCrew:  $268

Old Navy:  $24.94

JCrew:  $90

Old Navy:  $24.94

JCrew:  $34.99 (on sale)

Old Navy:  $16 (on sale)

JCrew:  Was $125

Etsy:  $24

JCrew:  $49.99 (on sale)

Etsy:  $13

JCrew:  $150

Etsy:  $16

Have you found any other JCrew look-alikes?  If so, share with me on Facebook or email to MakeStatements513@gmail.com.  



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