Rent the Runway – Love it or Hate it?

I heard about Rent the Runway a year or so ago and have never thought about using it until recently.  With all of the weddings we have this year, I thought it would make more sense to rent a couple of times rather than buy something new for each event (“heaven forbid you re-wear something”).  SO, over a month ago I found this dress….

…and rented it to be delivered for Thursday, September 6th for the wedding I had over the weekend. (For the record, I hate how they put that necklace with the dress in the pic above).  I had rented this pretty far in advance and was SO looking forward to it coming in the mail, trying it out, and wearing it with the accessories and shoes I had bought to match.  Well, not so much.  I received an email from Rent the Runway on WEDNESDAY, September 5th at 1:20pm saying that the dress was out of stock and wasn’t going to be delivered.  WHAT?!  I ordered this dress a month ago and they were just telling me the day before that it wasn’t coming.  They then said that I could pick another dress but had to by 5pm so it would be delivered on time.  I was rushing around with appointments for work and barely got a second to check their website and then ordered this dress…..

…which looks nothing like it does in the picture.  Don’t you think this looks like a leather of some sort?  Especially since the name is “python”?  It came and it was like linen or something.  Still a great color and fit but I was disappointed with the dress and the overall experience.  I wish I would have snapped a pic of the dress but I didn’t have time before we left for the wedding and solo shots at someone’s reception aren’t exactly appropriate.

Has anyone else used RTR?  What was your experience?  Maybe this was just an isolated case.  Share your story with me!



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