Kitchen Back Splash – DIY!

Like I talked about yesterday, Jordan and I had quite the eventful weekend.  We went to Home Depot on Saturday for a rug and left thinking about how we wanted to redo part of our kitchen.  Because it is a rental property we debated with putting money into it because we, most likely, won’t get a return on it.  

We thought about this homeowner dilemma for about a second and then decided that if we are going to be in our place for another year or 2, it was worth it to have our kitchen updated.  SOOO sure enough, we were back at Home Depot on Sunday morning picking out our back splash and gathering the materials needed to do it ourselves.

Here is what our kitchen looked like before (we just did above the stove).

And our next step is to do the rest of the kitchen!  To be continued…..

Do you have any Before/After photos of spaces you have transformed?  Send them to



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