Okay, so has WAY TOO MANY cute things on sale not to mention!  I got an email saying that they added hundreds of new styles to their sale section and I think I fell in love with about 99% of them.   I highlighted just a few of the things I absolutely love so….you’re welcome.

This Dress:  $313  NOW:  $219

This iPhone Case:  $48  NOW:  $33

These Earrings:  $304  NOW:  $212

This Dress:  $275  NOW:  $192

This Bag:  $345  NOW:  $240

These Boots:  $195  NOW:  $135

This Blazer:  $102  NOW:  $71

These Flats:  $178  NOW:  $124

This Dress:  $70  NOW:  $49

This Skirt:  $50  NOW:  $35

These Shoes:  $78  NOW:  $54

This Clutch:  $180  NOW:  $126

This Top:  $66  NOW:  $46

These Booties:  $295  NOW:  $206

This Tweed Jacket:  $280  NOW:  $196

This Dress:  $325  NOW:  $227



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