The Look for Less!

After getting some feedback from a few people, I am going to try and incorporate a few more “the look for less” posts.  One of the reasons I am sure you read this blog is that don’t have the time or enjoy looking through websites or racks of clothing to find a dress for an upcoming wedding or holiday party.  Hopefully, by featuring different websites and what I love from them I have eliminated some of that work for you!

For those that have never visited, check it out!  One of my friends introduced me to this website last year and since then I have kept my eyes on their new additions each month.  After perusing their website recently, I found a huge similarity between what they have and what I have found on other websites.  The biggest different?  Lulus is a fraction of the cost!

Happy Shopping!

One by Contrarian:  $425

Lulu*s : $51

Three Floor:  $238

Lulu*s:  $44

Three Floor:  $330

Lulu*s:  $46.50

Madewell:  $118

Lulu*s:  $37.50

Marc by Marc Jacobs:  $118

Lulu*s:  $11

Anthro:  $58

Lulu*s:  $21



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