Weekly Wears!

Happy Friday, Everyone!

I am beyond excited for this weekend.  It is the first Friday in awhile that we don’t have anything going on so I will be putting on my comfy PJ’s and playing Christmas music as we decorate our house.  Hillary -1, Jordan – 0.

Below are some highlights from this week 🙂  Enjoy your weekend!

Celebrated the bride and groom one last time before the big day!  Dan was very excited about the wine glasses 🙂

The next Amazing Race team…..

Getting ready to celebrate Kyle & Allison at their wedding in Cleveland!

Delicious pre-reception drink…..

First dance on the beautiful & sparkly dance floor!

Loved the boutonnieres with gold flakes

The whole gang!

So tired once we got back that I put on my PJ’s before we went to dinner (kind of backwards, right?)

AND…this little guy.  I have been on a hunt for a puppy and came across this little guy at Your New Puppy in Mariemont.  He is a Havanese and is an absolute angel.  I was ready, ready, ready to take him home but after consulting with the other head of household – decided it wasn’t the best time or the best place to get a dog.  Therefore, the puppy hunt is on hold until after we are through with the holidays.  I am convinced I won’t find another dog as cute as this one and Jordan will be to blame.



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