Weekly Wears – Kind Of!

Because I didn’t do a Weekly Wears update on Friday, I thought I would do a quick one today.  Also, I will be out of town in Florida celebrating my sister’s last fling so don’t expect too many posts at the end of this week 🙂

Lost one of my favorite earrings on Wednesday 🙁

Made a couple of necklaces over the weekend!  I have one left of the first one and 2 left of the second.  Let me know if you want to give them as Christmas gifts!  MakeStatements513@gmail.com 

I finally met this little addition to the O’Neill family – Frank.  He is ADORABLE and made me get the puppy itch even worse.

Teddy and her family in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!

Just a little veggie tray I put together for the holiday….

and mini turkey desserts that I wouldn’t let anyone eat because they looked so good….

Black Friday shopping with Carolyn!

I wore this necklace while we shopped and someone offered to buy it off of my neck!  Against my Dad’s suggestion, I couldn’t part with this one because of the vintage beads he bought me weeks ago that I used to make it!

Saks Outlet was full of sparkle….

Santa is bringing me these……

Family dinner at HPCC with the whole gang….

The pact…..

Out with all the gals!

Sporting a new necklace I made….

Sunday night dinner Mom had us put out our shoes for St. Nick.  Guess which one is mine….

Rudolph the red nose marble statue….

Wearing my new favorite necklace and neon sweater from Gap!



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