Trapp & Company

First, I want to say how sad I am about the news of the explosion at JJ’s in Kansas City.  My friend, Sarah, who I visited over the weekend said her house shook from the explosion so please keep everyone affected in your thoughts and prayers.

While visiting KC, we did quite a lot of shopping but my favorite place was a store not located in the Plaza (their big shopping area) and it was called Trapp & Company.  Sarah had mentioned this store earlier as a great place to get candles and once she said that, I knew this was going to be my hot spot!  Trapp & Company did not disappoint.  Not only did they have their own line of AMAZING candles, they had so many unique vases, other home accessories, grilling products, and even carried a line for dog accessories.

One thing that stuck out to me were their terrariums (don’t know what a terrarium is?  see example pic below).  Random, right?  I have always wanted something like this for my desk and they had the most perfect one.  Unfortunately, it was VERY fragile so I couldn’t take it home.  It may or may not be taking a road trip back with the O’Neill’s for St Pat’s! 


I walked out with a few things but my favorites were these 2 candles.   They had SO many scents to choose from and each one was better than the next.  I went with Bob’s Flower Shoppe & Water.  Find the selection HERE.

LOVE finding little shops and websites like this one.  Have any favorites?  Post about them below!



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