Weekly Wears & SUA Winners!

Hi, Everyone!

I’m starting to think that I either need to A) change the name of this “Weekly Wears” post to “Weekly Pictures of Bear” or B)  starting taking and posting more pictures of my outfits. Plan B sounds better to me.

Also, don’t forget to come back tomorrow for the monogrammed bikini giveaway!  I am so excited about these adorable bathing suits and it will be perfect timing with Spring Break! 

Finally, be sure to check out the videos below and find out who won the necklaces!  I will drop them off today (Monday) at some point so you should be able to get them tomorrow.

Finally “de-coned” Bear.  Before and After shots…..


And after we took him to the groomer, he looked like a completely different dog (NOT in a good way).  I almost didn’t claim him as mine but, I guess we have all had bad haircuts….


Got a little something in the mail for an April giveaway!


Playing with his new fav toy – an anchor.  #DeltaGamma #anchorsaway


Spoke at the Saint Ursula Leadership Conference about Social Media……


A little afternoon at Dutch’s….


What I woke up to on Sunday….in my face….


My boys just hanging…..


And the videos are below!!!



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