Bring on the Color!

There is nothing I love more than receiving an email asking for fashion advice.  I encourage ALL of your to email me with your questions because I guarantee that if you have a question, there are more out there that have the same one! 

Here is the latest that was asked by a family friend!

“I have a question, when can I start wearing all the bright colors, neons and prints? I feel it is so cold and drab out they are not appropriate yet. But since today is the first of spring, I’m hoping you’ll say it’s time. What do you think?”

First of all, my mood tends to be reflected in what I am wearing.  If it is gross outside, I go all black and sometimes boring.  If it is sunny, my outfits brighten up and I start incorporating color.  The last few weeks have been an exception.  Although in Cincinnati it has been absolutely horribly freezing unseasonably cold, I am starting to brighten up my wardrobe and hope my colors will encourage the Spring weather to get here quicker.  I’ve always been an optimist.   

To answer your question, I ALWAYS feel like you should dress however you are feeling!  If you FEEL like wearing bright colors because you are sick of the sun not coming out – do it!  If you want to wear white after labor day – DO it!  If you want to start wearing neon and prints when it is 25 degrees out – DO it!  It is supposed to be Spring so don’t let the “unseasonably cold” weather stop you from enjoying this great season!  Bring on the prints, neons, and color!

To help you get through the next couple weeks of chilliness, here are some pieces that I would recommend!  AND the best part is – 25% off at with code:  SEASONALDEPRESSION  LOVEJCREW



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