San Diego & Look for Less!

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!

I am SO excited about the social media conference I am attending next week in San Diego.  The conference is through Social Media Examiner and I am SO looking forward to networking and attending multiple sessions with incredible panels of speakers.  

I will be staying a few extra days after the conference and Jordan will be meeting me to explore this part of California!  I have never been and we have a few things planned but would love ANYONE’S feedback on what we should do while we are there!  

Please leave comments below or send an email to for any tips!



I forget how I came across this website but it was either from Instagram or one of the blogs that I follow.  Nevertheless, I had to share Salty Honey.  Yes, they have beautiful statement necklaces but more importantly, they are beautiful AND inexpensive! Check out some of my fav Looks for Less!

J.Crew:  (not for sale anymore but can purchase on ebay for $200)

Salty Honey:  $75

J.Crew:  (not available anymore but was $138)

Salty Honey:  $60

J.Crew:  (no longer available)

Salty Honey:  $50

J.Crew:  $148

Salty Honey:  $60

J.Crew:  $198  (no longer available online except for ebay HERE)

Salty Honey:  $38

J.Crew:  $150

Salty Honey:  $15

J.CrewL  $137  (only available on ebay for $117 HERE)

Salty Honey:  $35



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