Weekly Wears & CONTEST!

First, I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who sent me recommendations for our trip to San Diego.  The social media conference was amazing and the vaca part (once Jordan got there) was great too!  We had an incredible time and here are some of the hotspots we hit thanks to YOUR recommendations!

Point Loma

Hotel Del Coronado

George’s in La Jolla

La Valencia

Torrey Pines

PB Fish Shop

If you want to follow all of my adventures and really cute Bear pics, make sure to follow me in Instagram

Now, while I have WAY too many pictures to post….here are just a FEW!

My statement necklace for the week….


Casual outfit for day 2 

**best scarf I’ve ever bought!  Find it HERE from Target!


Cute little jacket from Nordstrom….



Biggest gum ball machine I have ever seen….


Poolside on Wednesday…..


Our beautiful lunch outside at George’s at the Cove….


Torrey Pines…


Hotel Del…


Cheers to our (almost) 1 year anniversary at La Valencia!


Came back early to see a friend right before she left for NYC!


And don’t forget to enter THIS CONTEST!  Click HERE to find out how!



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