How to Pack Statement Jewels

I was so excited to receive a question last week on Instagram about how in the world to pack all of your fun jewelry when traveling.  I am sure many of you have tried to find the perfect bag to carry it all in and have felt nervous the whole way that your necklaces were being ruined.  

I have been there as I used to pack these…..

In this….

More recently, I figured out a safer and more permanent solution.  This might seem totally unconventional but as I packed, I put a statement necklace between each one of my shirts.  I felt like the padding of the top, sweater, or jeans, will protect my baubles from the people who manhandle my luggage load my suitcase on the flight and violently throw place it onto the belt at baggage claim.





I also make sure to use hard cases to pack all of my earrings.  Instead of just packing a hard jewelry case, I bring something that I will also use on my trip (don’t want to waste any room in the suitcase!  As I proved last week 50lbs is hard to stick to!).

This is a hard clutch I found at TJ Maxx.  I LOVE the color and shape and it’s perfect to double as a jewelry holder….



This is another amazing soft jewelry case that is super easy to pack. I received this as a bridesmaid gift from a friend and bring it with me on my travels.  It is perfect for more delicate pieces and is easily packable.



Finally,  I typically always use my hard sunglass case to carry my nicer jewelry and store it in my purse that I carry throughout my trip.  I NEVER check any jewelry that is extremely valuable and, instead, make sure it is all in my purse. I will wear the sunglasses to and from my destination and pack the case with my valuables.  Again, it’s a hard case so it is durable and it’s already coming with me so might as well make it useful!



I hope you all enjoyed these tips!  What do you use to pack your jewelry?

AND DON’T FORGET!  I will be choosing the winner tomorrow for this amazing statement necklace from Glamour Me Jewels!  ENTER HERE!



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