Teenie Bopper is Back!

I am officially taking today as an opportunity to share my love for boy bands.  I was in grade school at the height of my obsession and attended many (probably TOO many) N SYNC, Backstreet Boys, and 98 Degrees concerts.

Yesterday, 10+ years later, I got to see 98 Degrees perform at Moerlein.  They.Were.Amazing.  We did a small meet and greet after their performance and as coworkers and I crept closer and closer, a million things were running through my brain to say….

“Hey Nick, congrats on the new baby!  I’m Red Cross certified and am really good with kids.  Need a babysitter?”

“Hey Nick.  Does Vanessa like it in Cincinnati?  Does she need a group of friends?”

“Hey Nick, you probably recognize me from the parking lot at Hyde Park Country Club just a few (10) years ago. You were playing golf and along with a bunch of other tweens we waited by your car until you finished so we could meet you?  No?  Doesn’t ring a bell?”

Of course I froze and mustered up a small smile, complemented them on their performance and walked away.  Nevertheless, it was a fun morning and just one of the many MANY reasons why I love my job!

Check out a couple videos from their performance below 🙂




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