Life Lesson

The things I post on here aren’t always the most personal but I can’t help but share a truly valuable lesson that was reiterated in my life this week.  


Jordan and I have been looking for a new house as ours has been feeling just a tiny bit small recently.  Our plan has always been to start looking next summer but an amazing house came on the market last week and after taking both of our parents through – we were sold.  After a few negotiations, we thought we had it only to be told that another bidder came in at the last minute with a better offer.  And that was it.  We lost it.

I’ve always heard of people getting attached to houses before they’ve even moved in and I’ve always thought how weird that is.  Now I understand.  Making dinner in that kitchen, enjoying a glass of wine on that porch, and picturing that house as a place our family will grow were all fantasies that aren’t going to turn into reality.

After a glass (or two) of wine and much discussion we decided that everything happens for a reason and if it was meant to be, it would have worked out.  Such a cheesy life lesson but one to be constantly reminded of. 


Yes, we mourned losing the house over the weekend but rebounded quickly when we realized that we will potentially be in our current home for the summer.  We set out to make our outdoor space SO much better so that can we stretch out a little over the next few months.

Here is what we did…..







Just a few little additions (chairs, end table, ottoman, rug, a little decor) and we transformed our porch into a place that I look forward to having a glass of wine (or two) after work or on the weekends!



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