A mobile boutique that has on trend clothing, jewelry, and accessories.  All under $65.

After hearing about this genius idea, I almost fell over in jealousy.  I totally had one of those moments of “Why didn’t I think of that?!?!?!”  That’s because someone far more innovative and fashion savvy than myself did and her name is Ashley Volbrecht.


Ashley turned this food truck…..

…into this mobile boutique.












Little background about yourself:

I grew up outside of Chicago and attended Indiana University for Marketing. I lived in London, Minneapolis, and Seattle before relocating to Cincinnati in 2010 for my job. I had never visited the state of Ohio before moving here! I travel a good bit and love checking out local boutiques in whichever city I am in visiting.

Description of TruckShop:

A mobile fashion boutique on wheels. The shop is a curated collection of dresses, tops, jewelry, and accessories for $65 or less.

What sparked this creative idea?

I’ve always wanted to create something from scratch. I knew I wanted to open a certain style of a store which incorporated lots of fun bright colorful pieces that were awesome yet affordable. Building on that idea, creating a pop-up shop in my mind just represented a new way to get people to think about shopping. The shop is here today, gone tomorrow.  It creates a sense of urgency. You can’t just think about it and return tomorrow for it. Also, I love the idea of reaching people in different cities and building a base that can then shop with us online.

When did your love for fashion start?

High school! I’ve tried dozens of times to take up sewing but over time I slowly realized my talent lies in knowing great pieces when I see them, not creating them. I love finding pieces I’m obsessed with and equally love finding a bargain. I tried to use this same approach when choosing pieces for the boutique.

Favorite places to shop?

Milk & Honey in Dallas is my favorite store to shop of anywhere. It really was the inspiration behind my shop. Topshop, Zara, and Forever 21 are shameless chain favorites. Locally, I really love Soho and Sloane.

Favorite online boutique? for clothing – it’s more well-edited than, etc. which can be overwhelming to search. is great for jewelry.

Favorite drink:

Arnold Palmers 🙂

Favorite statement item in your closet:

A tortoise chunk collar necklace from Baublebar

Favorite summer read?

Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg

What lines do you carry?

We will be continually featuring ever-changing lines, but the fan favorites at the moment are Everly dresses and Lulumari tops.

Where can people find the Truck?

A few ways.

Locally we will be at City Flea and Second Sundays on Main. Additionally, we can pull-up for private parties (of 6 people or more), in which the host receives store discounts.

You can shop our store online thru Facebook and Instagram (name: shopthetruck & shipping is free!).

Finally, we will be traveling to different cities throughout this summer and fall.

How amazing is this idea?  Make sure to follow Truckshop on Facebook and keep your eyes peeled for this adorable store on wheels!




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