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I know this type of post is out of my comfort zone since I mostly stick to things about clothing and fashion, but I wanted to share something with you all.  I have recently discovered how much I love coconut water and aloe water – and not just because it tastes good.

I hate to get too personal but at the same time, I think it is important for the content on my blog.  I have been in a major struggle recently with my skin.  I have always had a hard time managing my break outs but over the last 6 months it is been almost unbearable.  When I explain to my family and close friends, they look at me and think I am crazy but if any of you reading have been in my shoes – you know that if it is YOUR face, you would be hyper sensitive to it.

Everything I have read over the last several months has said that your skin is a reflection of what you put into your body (unless your acne is a result of a hormonal balance).  I don’t eat badly but I definitely am not as healthy as a could be so I started looking at my diet and making sure I was taking a multi vitamin before work each day.

As you saw from the pics on Tuesday, I went on vacation with my family and noticed that my skin was getting a little better.  I wore a hat a lot of days to protect my skin from the sun but I figured that the little sun I was getting on my face had helped it.  Of course it triggered in my mind that I should entertain going back to my old method of clearing my skin up – the tanning bed.  This worked in college but I DEFINITELY didn’t want to go back to this as a mode for clearing up my face.

Once I got home, I started to get back into my routine.  Monday and Tuesday I picked up my double tall skinny vanilla latte (my dad could say this in his sleep since I am on the phone with him every time I order this).  By Tuesday night I started breaking out again.

When I researched what effect milk has on your skin – BOOM.  I found my problem.  Milk and sugar have a big effect on the condition of your skin.

My point of writing about this is to tell you about a healthier alternative for my morning.  After having a drink of coconut water straight from the source….



…..I fell in love.  I started incorporating either a coconut water or aloe water into my morning routine and feel so much more hydrated and I swear it is already helping my skin!



Benefits of coconut water.

1.  Energy Boost

2.  Weight Loss

3.  Crammed with vitamins

4.  Healthy skin

5.  Hydration

Benefits of aloe water….

1.  High in vitamins and minerals

2.  Helps with detoxification

3.  Boosts immune system

4.  Cardiovascular health

5.  High in amino & fatty acids

Just thought I would share my new revelation.  After drinking these for a couple more weeks, I will report back on my findings and if they truly helped!

**I am not a doctor these are just my opinions.**



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