New Styles J.Crew & Rent the Runway Venting Session

Longest title of a blog post ever?  Yes.  

First, I will start with my frustration with Rent the Runway.   For my cousins wedding Saturday, I placed an order with Rent the Runway for a dress over 3 months ago.  I was SO looking forward to trying it on tonight until I got a call yesterday at 4pm saying that they couldn’t ship my order.  Apparently both sizes I requested were out of stock and they offered to send me another dress if I called them before 5pm.  Like most people, I was at work and was in meetings so I wasn’t able to return their call.  I then received a follow up email telling me that they went ahead and sent me another dress in the hopes that it works.  WHAT in the world??  

So many things wrong with this.  

1) I reserved this dress MONTHS ago.  What if I didn’t have a back up dress in my closet to wear?

2)  I am the pickiest person of all time.  I saw the dress they sent me and it is HIDEOUS.

3)  I have only rented from them one time before and this exact same thing happened to me.

Has anyone else had a bad experience with them or are my 2 experiences very surprising to you?  I love the whole concept of renting a cute dress and then returning it but I don’t think I can ever trust them again to get my a dress on time!

On to the fun stuff……J.CREW!  Their Fall arrivals are adorable.  Check out my favorites below.



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