Brody & Leah Jenner

SOOO, I am very embarrassed to say that I caught a glimpse at Keeping up with the Kardashians last night.  While I didn’t watch the entire episode (I swear) I did catch some of the QT the Kardashion/Jenner family spent in Greece.  

I was surprised to see that Brody and Brandon Jenner had a lot of face time but it was Brandon’s wife, Leah that really stole the show for me!  Brandon and Leah seemed pretty semi-normal (anyone would next to that crazy family) and really seemed like an adorable couple.  I did a little google-ing and found out that they are both musicians and have an equally adorable music video.  Not in love with the song but couldn’t stop watching how much fun they were having!  

Check it out below!


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