4 Life Improving Benefits of Hot Yoga

Last week a friend and I decided to challenge ourselves by going to hot yoga 3 mornings a week.  I am probably the least flexible person you will meet so I saw it as a great way to improve my flexibility.  After 2 weeks of hot yoga-ing, I am already seeing more benefits that I predicted.  

1.  Energy

Like my mom, I am anemic and am supposed to take iron supplements each day.  I absolutely HATE swallowing pills so I never take them and as a result, I sometimes feel sluggish and tired.  I can confidently say that hot yoga has improved my energy levels and I find that, although I get less sleep because I’m waking up for class at 5:30am, I’m not as tired at the end of the day.

2.  Flexibility

For someone who can’t even touch her toes, any type of yoga seemed intimidating.  However, it has been the perfect place to work on my flexibility and the teachers are great about pointing out alternative poses for people like me 🙂


3.  Better Skin

Because of the fact that it is over 100 degrees in the studio, I am drenched in sweat once the class is over.  I am not typically someone who sweats a ton and when I am finished with this class, I look like I jumped into a pool.  This excessive amount of sweating has improved my skin (in the short 2 weeks).  I have sweat out all of the toxins and I swear it helps unclog my pores.

4.  Attitude

My hour long class in the morning has allowed me time to reflect.  Reflect on what’s important, what’s not, and to think about family and friends that are no longer here.  They say that you should do hot yoga with a clear mind and focus on your breath but I put purpose towards my practice by thinking about things that are important to me.


Hot Yoga Essentials:

1.  Mat.  Lululemon.  This rubber mat has completely changed my practice.  Because it is rubber I do not slip at all (even pouring in sweat) which has made me more confident in trying some of the poses.

2.  Water Bottle.  Lululemon.  It is SO important to stay hydrated throughout class.  For as much as your body is releasing water, it needs to take that much more in.

3.  Towel.  If you get the above mat, you will not need a towel to cover it.  However, you will need one to wipe your brow!

4.  Pants.  Lululemon.  I sometimes do hot yoga in shorts but because of your legs getting sweaty, it is sometimes hard to balance therefore, I recommend these cropped pants.

5.  Top.  Lululemon.  Like your pants, you need a top that is form fitting so you don’t mess with it throughout class.

Where I Practice:  Moksha Yoga Cincinnati



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