Inexpensive Weekender!

Like many of you, I have been searching for a good-size weekender for some time now.  I kept going back to the Tory Burch or Longchamp bag but just couldn’t pull the trigger.

While I was on a shopping binge getting a few things from Target I stumbled upon the last one of this little guy.  The print totally caught my eye and at the $35 price point, I couldn’t let it get away.  (I can hear Jordan mimicking me as I type this….“ohhhh you just couldn’t let it get away, huh?”) Well, I couldn’t and I didn’t.

I immediately took it to the monogram place in Kenwood Mall and had them spice it up a little.  A part of me wanted to keep it neutral since the print is so interesting but I couldn’t help but incorporate some neon.



My lovely assistant helping me decide which color to monogram with…..




Or neon pink…..


Carolyn pushed for the first color so I went with it and am so pleased on how it turned out!

and now YOU can purchase the bag too!  It is online HERE and even at a discount!



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