Weekly Wishlist & Recipe

This Mirror:  $20.98

This Top:  $50.63

This Dress:  $125

This Bracelet:  $95

This Sweatshirt:  $108

This Passport Holder:  $13.50

Watermelon/Feta Salad (literally easiest thing I’ve ever done)

Cut up watermelon

Sprinkle in crumbled feta

Dice up fresh mint leaves

Drizzle with balsamic



Here is the “app” version…..


Now, as you can see in the picture above, I also made chicken salad melts.  The truth is, is that I made a tuna salad melt for myself (from scratch) and Jordan wanted chicken salad (which I bought).  Here is how I made the tuna salad melt...

Canned tuna

Sliced red and green apple (use about a half of each)

Mix in a little mayo

Drizzle in a little apple cider vinegar (do this to taste)

Add a pinch of sugar

Toast bagel

Add tuna salad to top and lay slice of muenster cheese on top

Broil in oven until cheese is golden brown.




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