Exciting News!

So sorry that the posts have been sporadic over the last week.  Jordan and I found a house we are IN LOVE with and quickly put it under contract and signed….yesterday!  We are officially moving!

We are especially excited because this is a house that we plan on living in…forever!  It will be where we have our first holiday season with Bear, where we host friends & family, where we expand our family, and where our kids will grow up.  Crazy to think about!



Already listing everything that we need to do in the next few weeks….(I’m scared for Jordan)


If you have been a follower since the beginning (almost 2 years ago) you have noticed that the content of this blog has changed as my life has!  Now, because of the newest purchase you will be seeing more posts related to home decor along with fashion posts & new designers I come across.  

As I go through different stages, I hope you continue to follow along with me!




It should be no surprise that as soon as we put the house under contract I started looking for things that I had to have for the new place.  Since one of the first things I am doing is painting out front door red (I love a red door) I needed some great hardware to accompany it.


Enter, this AMAZing brass anchor door knocker from Furbish Studio.  Being a Delta Gamma, I obviously have a major love for anchors and when I came across this, I couldn’t pass it up!  Great addition to the home!


Follow along with me on my Grandin PINTEREST board to see what I am loving for the new house!  I have a GREAT giveaway next week too!



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