Weekly Wears!

Hi, Everyone!

DONT FORGET to enter this amazing contest!

Finally picked a few paint colors.  HORRIBLE lighting so you can’t really see but we chose red for the doors, navy for the kitchen floor, and grey for the kitchen….

Visited THIS amazing place.  If you are looking to spruce up your home decor – this is the place to go.

My date Friday night never fails to amuse me….

And went to a new lounge in Cincinnati and LOVED the decor inside.  Very European!

And we went to celebrate THIS amazing birthday girl!

She was lucky enough to have a few friends visit….

Boots that I wish I would have purchased from Gilt (top left)….

I got these earrings from J.Crew!  You can order now for an additional 40% off!  Use code: STYLETIME today!

Other gems I am loving for the 40% off!



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