SO much has happened in the last week with the house it is extremely hard to believe!  Jordan and I aren’t officially moving in until this weekend so we decided to get some work done beforehand.  

I have added some BEFORE and AFTER pictures of our Dining Room/Kitchen just to give you a glimpse into what is going on.  

This first picture is from the dining room.  As you can see, there is a huge wall separating the dining room and kitchen.  Jordan & I both love open spaces and figured we would use our dining room a lot more if they were connected.


This is the AFTER.  The wall is down and you can even tell from the picture how much brighter it is!  (Everything is still a work in progress….we are painting, taking down pot rack, track lighting, etc).



This is a picture from the Kitchen looking into the Dining Room.  As you can see, the floors in the kitchen are painted black.  Eventually we are going to redo the floors and cabinets but in the meantime we are having the floor painted navy.


And the AFTER (looking into the Dining Room)….


This should be cleaned up by the end of the day and then the painting starts tomorrow!



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