Weekly Wears!

What a busy week and with the first major snowfall – it was beautiful!  Here are some highlights from this week….

We took pictures in front of our new house before we actually moved in so that we could get our Christmas cards out!  Here are just a few….


Before we painted our door….



Our WONDERFUL new neighbors brought over some soup, bread, and the most adorable card with their contact information on it.  How nice is that?

Decorated our house!

We created a little nook for Bear underneath the TV in our living room….

A chaise I bought on Everything but the House. Getting it reupholstered (obviously)….

He already loves it….

Fabrics we were choosing from!

This is the one we are going with!

Our new neighbors….

Our new sofa arrived!  Yay!


And beautiful Christmas decor for Sunday night dinner!

And my purse on Monday morning after our interactive White Christmas viewing…..yes, that is fake snow and yes that is fireball.



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